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GLOBALGRAF is a package of specialist computer programmes which aid the identification of handwriting/signatures and have been developed by experts of the Polish Forensic Association under the research and development project conducted jointly with the Warsaw University and financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.

These unique, interactive examination tools enable a more extensive and comprehensive analysis of handwriting/signatures parameters.

GLOBALGRAF includes the following programmes:


GRAFOTYP – designed for verification of structure and size-related parameters of handwriting. Additionally, the programme facilitates a quantitative analysis of topographic features as well as statistical interpretation of findings.



RAYGRAF – enables the verification of structure and size-related parameters of handwriting, in particular the size of line segments, slope, angles, handwriting density and pulse.



KINEGRAF – designed for verification of kinetic and geometrical parameters of handwriting or signatures. It allows to determine identification value of examined specimen and is recommended in examination of initials.



SCANGRAF – used for visualisation of motoric features, i.e. shading system.



NOTE:GLOBALGRAF WAS GRANTED HIGH RATING BY THE NATIONAL CENTRE FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, by largely contributing to the objectivity of handwriting identification.



NOTE: The programmes are subject to unlimited licence (no need for renewal).

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Licence is granted to one computer, and is assigned to a computer ID number.

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GRAFOTYP – 1600 PLN (net price); 1968 PLN (gross price)
RAYGRAF – 1600 PLN (net price); 1968 PLN (gross price)
KINEGRAF – 1600 PLN (net price); 1968 PLN (gross price)
SCANGRAF – 1600 PLN (net price); 1968 PLN (gross price)


  • purchase of 2 programmes: discount of 5% of net price
  • purchase of 3 or 4 programmes: discount of 10% of net price


Purchase orders should be submitted at the following e-mail address: ptk@kryminalistyka.plor via regular post at the postal address: Polskie Towarzystwo Kryminalistyczne, ul. Zgoda 11/300, 00-018 Warszawa, after filling in the ordering form.

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Once the payment has been executed incl. shipment costs, the ordered programme(s) saved on USB flash drive shall be sent via regular post. Execution of order shall take about 5-10 days.

If your computer is able to open “.exe” files in e-mail box, you can execute your order on-line by stating your data, computer ID and the name of requested product (programme). In such instance, the transfer of requested programme(s) shall take place via Internet.

Return policy

Return is possible due to withdrawal from the agreement within 14 days.

Purchased items shall be returned at the following address:
ul. Zgoda 11 lok. 300
00-018 Warszawa

Pursuant to the Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014, the Buyer is entitled to a 14-day period for withdrawal from the agreement by stating this in writing with no reasons declared. In case of withdrawal from the agreement, the Buyer shall cover the direct cost of return of purchased goods. If the Buyer has chosen other means of the delivery than the Seller, the Seller is not obliged to cover associated, additional costs. In case of withdrawal from the agreement, the agreement is considered invalid.
The return of purchased items shall take place without unnecessary delay, within 14 days since withdrawal from the agreement. The return of payment by the Seller will take place without delay, within 14 days from the withdrawal from the agreement by the Buyer. The Seller may, however withhold with sending money back until the items are returned by the Buyer.
In order to withdraw from the agreement, one should address appropriate statement of will the Seller by e-mail: or by regular post at the address:
CBS Polskie Towarzystwo Kryminalistyczne Centrum Badawczo Szkoleniowe Sp. Z o.o.
ul. Zgoda 11 lok. 300, 00-018 Warszawa.

To this end the Buyer may use the following draft statement:

Information on the Seller:
Name of Buyer:
Hereby I inform on my withdrawal from the Sale Contract for the following items: name of programme, date of Contract:…, date of receipt of goods:….
Signature (if the statement is submitted via regular post).

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