Scope of the study – classical handwriting expertise (full range):
  • Identification of individuals based on comparative studies of handwriting and signatures.
  • Evaluation of executive writing’s uniformity and determination of the number of manual recorders.
  • Verifying the authenticity of signatures and identifying their contractors.
  • Defining the probable period of sketching/writing examined records based on analysis of graphical features.
  • Determining the author’s and contractor’s cognitive characteristics based on text (anonyms).
  • Identification studies of letters and signatures, using computer-aided scripture specialist programs.
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Scope of studies – technical expertise of documents (full scope):
  • Examination of the authenticity of Polish and foreign documents (identity documents, banknotes and more).
  • Deciphering techniques for the implementation of fake documents and identification of materials and equipment used for their preparation.
  • Identification of stamps and other imprints, determination of stamp making techniques (based on the stamp).
  • Identification studies of typewriter scripts and computer printouts.
  • Deciphering machine printing techniques (Type and kind of typewriter).
  • Examination of document damage, such as burns, fading, water damage, decay, etc. to reproduce their appearance and legibility.
  • Disclosure of illegible text (erased, blurred, processed, imprinted, hidden, etc.)
  • Disclosure and studying of recessed text traces.
  • Examination of papers and other document carriers.
  • Identification and testing of coatings.
  • Determining the order of entering crossing graphical lines and other elements of the document (handwriting, signature, stamp, etc.).
  • Determining the order in which the individual elements of the document are inserted (including non-crossing graphical lines of records and signatures in Blanco).
  • Conducting handwriting age test.
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During research, we use modern specialist equipment, including:
  • Zeiss Stemi 2000-C, Zeiss Stemi DV 4 SPOT, Leica S 4 E stereoscopic microscopes.
  • KEYENCE VHX 5000 digital microscope.
  • Nikon Eclipse 80i research microscope, compatible with NIS Elements AR/EDF software, enabling viewing of 3D objects, coupled with the 32 monitor and SCHOTT KL 1500 LCD illuminator (study of overlapping sequences of graphic lines of records, signatures and other document elements).
  • Foster and Freeman Video spectro comparator VSC 6000, enabling full-spectrum image analysis using a variety of filters and lighting (including revealing blurred, deleted and added records, analysing damaged and/or burnt documents, and revealing document security marks/symbols).
  • Raman spectrometer (Bruker’s SENTERRA device), with OPUS software (analysis of crossing and non-crossing graphical lines of records and signatures).
  • OMEGA MST 1 microscope kit by PZO.
  • ESDA device by Foster and Freeman (electrostatic image-reading system on the document) for revealing traces of recessed writing.
  • Gas chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer – GC / MS (handwriting age test).
  • Analytical kit for thin-layer chromatography (coating test).
  • Mini Light Box device working with camera and Logitech Portable Webcam C 905 (image capturing).

During research we use specialised software, including:

  • GLOBALGRAF – A set of programs for computer graphometrical analysis and motoric features of scripture (programs: Grafotyp, Kinegraf, Raygraf, Scangraf).
  • EDYTOR – A program used to clean the background of researched records.
  • GRAPHLOG – For the measurement and analysis of features in the script.
  • Graphics programs: Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.


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