Polish Forensic Association as an institution of public utility operates supporting the judiciary, the police and the prosecution. It performs and delivers judicial and extrajudicial opinions and documents in various fields and specialties of forensics and criminalistics, such as: expertise within the range of documents (study of manuscripts and technical research), physicochemical expertise, drugs and legal high designer drugs expertise, biological (including DNA testing) expertise, computing expertise, phonoscopic expertise, fingerprinting & traseological expertise, mechanoscopic expertise, weapons and ballistics expertise, expertise of traffic accidents, audiovisual expertise, photographic & surveillance systems expertise, anthropological & anthroscopic expertise, variographic & polygraphic expertise and many others.
The Association provides forensic training & scientific research, popularises knowledge in the field of criminalistics and deals with aggrieved persons and victims of crime.
Activities of Polish Forensic Association contributes significantly to improve the security situation in the country and the development of effective methods of working against crime.
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Polskie Towarzystwo Kryminalistyczne
00-018 Warszawa, ul.Zgoda 11 lok. 300
tel. +48 22 692-43-85
fax +48 22 827-01-60
kom. +48 798-327-380
e-mail: ptk@kryminalistyka.pl
nr konta: PKO IX O/Warszawa
61 1020 1097 0000 7102 0108 3401
KRS 0000109111
NIP 526-17-63-900
REGON 000810466

Instytut Kryminalistyki Polskiego
Towarzystwa Kryminalistycznego Sp. z o.o.

Siedziba: 01-424 Warszawa, Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 155
Adres do korespondencji: 00 - 018 Warszawa, ul. Zgoda 11 lok. 300
tel. +48 22 692-43-85
fax +48 22 827-01-60
kom. +48 798-327-380
kom. +48 601-075-106
kom. +48 609-605-536
e-mail: ptk@kryminalistyka.pl
nr konta: Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.
84 1940 1076 3146 6840 0000 0000
KRS 0000093600
NIP 521-30-13-064
REGON 014986697

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